Ruminant feed

  Ruminant feed concerns all species of livestock ruminants such as : beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats and sheep etc.

  Their diet should be balanced (i.e. energy, protein, fibers, minerals, vitamins…), as it is the essential precondition for ruminants to ensure quality performance (i.e. growth, fattening, milk production).

  The feed ration of ruminants include a significant presence of fodder (i.e. pasture, hay, silage) whose qualities vary according to the plant species, the years, the climate, etc.

  As a result, the quality of the fodder must be given the utmost attention in order to obtain the best possible quality.

  Thus, the AGER feed completes this forage-based ration as it is rich in concentrate, its purpose is generally to balance the basic ration and supplement it to make up for forage deficiencies and allow a better level of production.

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