Pig Feed

As in many other countries, in Congo, pigs are raised for their meat, which is particularly appreciated by the Congolese.

With a strong increase in local demand, local professionals in the pork industry are struggling to meet it, mainly due to difficulties in supplying good quality feed.

One of the consequences of the poor feeding of pigs observed in Congolese pig farming is the excessive length of production cycles from the start to the slaughter, which increases production costs. This also reduces the competitiveness of our pork industry.

It is in such a context that we work with professionals in the sector to offer solutions that best suit their challenges, with feeds that meet strict quality and health requirements.

Our solution:   feeding diets that are appropriate to each physiological stage of the animal and its specific needs .

For piglets, this feed is designed to promote early consumption and facilitate weaning. It accelerates the growth of the piglet in complete safety. It’s palatable (i.e. promotes consumption);

Digestible (i.e. prevents digestive disorders) and stimulates the development of immunity and the intestinal flora.

For the sow,our feed helps stimulate milk production.

In the growth stage, the main goal with of our feed is to ensure a pig with more flesh and less fat. The average daily gain is between 400 and 450 g to obtain a weight of 85 kg at the commercial age of 6 months.

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