Fish Feed

Fish species found particularly in local fish farming :

    • Channa Argus
    • Dipneuste 
    • Claria Gariepinus 
    • Oreochromis niloticus x O. aureus (i.e. gray Tilapia)
    •  Oreochromis spp (i.e. red Tilapia)
    • Cyprius carpo (i.e. carp)

They are reared in ponds, above-ground tanks, cubitainers, floating cages or enclosures.

Regardless of the rearing system used, we provide feeds that ensures optimal results.

Our feed products come from an optimal and balanced blend of ingredients and nutrients to effectively feed your fish:

    • Plant-based raw materials (i.e. soy, corn, wheat, etc.) in the form of flour;
    • Fish flour and fish oils;
    • Minerals and vitamins essential for good growth.

We favor a balanced diet rich in protein for quickly visible results :

good growth

Rapid growth

Waste reduction

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