Poultry feed

As with all our products, we always start from the local context to define our recipes. Our objective is above all to contribute strongly to the development of the local poultry industry by providing appropriate solutions to make it more competitive.



In the starter stage

These are whole food crumbs made up of cereals (i.e. wheat bran, corn, etc.) to which proteins, fats and vitamins are added.

It is a feed rich in proteins beneficial to the digestive system of baby chicks. The protein intake is optimized, which ensures good muscle growth of baby chicks. The high calcium concentration of this food allows proper ossification.

Starter feed is designed to give baby chicks a good start in their growth phase.

In the growth stage

The composition remains the same except that the protein, energy, mineral, vitamin concentrations and grain size change to meet the physiological needs of growing poultry. The goal is to optimize the feed conversion ratio, especially for broilers where the chicken is ready for sale at 45 days instead of 60 days. For layers, this feed allows pullets to have a good weight at arrival (laying phase) and to accelerate the laying metabolism.


In the laying stage


Our laying feed contains different cereals (i.e. wheat bran, corn, soy, etc.) and is enriched with trace elements and vitamins, mix with calcium, essential to strengthen the skeleton and make the egg shell resistant.

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